CDE • CPD Course

Light Curing or Light Killing ?!

  • Date
    20 Apr 2023
  • Time
    18:00 – 21:00
  • Venue
    Room 3B56, The Prince Philip Dental Hospital
  • CME / CPD Credit
Dr James Tsoi

Light Curing or Light Killing ?!


"Let there be light: and there was light." The light curing unit is a must-have "magic" tool in modern dentistry that can initiate radicals formation in resin-based dental materials. In fact, different resin products contain various photo-initiators and thus manufacturers are making their own light curing units specific for their products. We had some low power halogen light powered devices decades ago but now we have LEDs that are advocated for their high power and narrow wavelength(s), from blue to purple and from monowave to polywave. These units also possess different hazards to the materials and dental practitioners if not used properly. How to choose the light for a better clinical practice? In this workshop, we will talk about some basics and updates about light curing technologies, and there are some demo and testing units for you to try, whereas you are also welcome to bring your current light curing unit for trial.


Dr James Tsoi is an Associate Professor in Dental Materials Science and Assistant Dean (Innovation) at HKU Faculty of Dentistry. He received BSc in Applied and Analytical Chemistry and PhD in Dental Materials Science, all at the University of Hong Kong. He also holds the Memberships of Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) and British Computer Society (MBCS), and Fellow in Advanced HE (FHEA).

James is actively engaged in a number of research areas including: Dental materials science (mechanical behaviours, bonding and ceramics), biomaterials (scaffold), digital dentistry (CAD/CAM and AI) and dental education (basic science and e-learning). He has authored more than 115 peer-reviewed journal articles, graduated 32 MSc and 11 PhDs, and been awarded 8 times in international conferences since he joined as a HKU Dentistry member in 2012. He is currently serving on the editorial boards of several SCI journals (including Dental Materials) , being Member-at-large in the IADR-DMG, and Hong Kong head-of-delegate in ISO/TC 106 (Dentistry).

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